Klausa Journal closes the year 2022 by providing readers with quality reading. Being creative human beings is a special topic in this volume since we believe that creativity can drives new ideas or ways to produce a change for the better. It activates the imagination to be creative. New ideas are made possible by creativity. It releases ingrained mental patterns or routines. It makes non-linear understanding conceivable.

Creativity for educators challenges them to produce innovative teaching approaches or methods to encourage student learning progress in mastering foreign languages. In addition, creativity is also related to literary issues to explore scholarly works from different perspectives so that readers gain new insights into the experience of reading written works of art. It unlocks the doors to our thoughts and hearts. It reveals to each of us our authentic identities.

It enables individuality and personality to be recognized. It can aid in bringing out what is already present; inner qualities and capacities may show themselves. Creativity liberates the mind in a way that makes it possible for someone to learn more effectively. It improves the effectiveness of learning processing. Hopefully, the publication of Klausa in volume 6 no 2 will inspire us to create creativity in this life.

Published: 2023-01-05

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