Klausa Volume 3 No 2 (2019) has listed outstanding works written by five strong writers covering different regions within the scope of this journal, namely, linguistics, literature, and language teaching. Nugroho, our first author, has examined Newton Booth Tarkington’s novel Ambersons. Nugroho highlights that the feeling of arrogancy is basically the inability of people to overcome the problem of inferiority complex. Yet, human beings are dynamic and always open to change. In Ambersons, the main character has experienced a substantial transformation in his life when he embraces forgiveness and accepts other people. In fact, this attitude alleviates all of the burdens and makes him healthier mentally. 

Utomo mentions that the problem with students' low reading ability is due to inadequate teaching methods. Collaborative strategic reading (CSR) is an excellent teaching method for teaching students' reading comprehension since it promotes students’ vocabulary improvement and collaborative learning. Moreover, this strategy enables teachers to improve students` academic reading tasks while encouraging students to be more active in the classroom instructions.

Veronika dan Sulistiyono conducted a study on English collocation types used in the subtitles of Kurzgesagt YouTube channel. They have found that the collocation type Adjective + Noun as the highest percentage. They suggest that translation work on Kurzgesagt YouTube channel needs improvement since inaccurate translation as seen from the use of unsuitable word, wrong delivering message, unnatural words, and irrelevant words is still prevalent on that channel.

Norcholifah and Oktavia investigate the delay of talking to five-year-old children related to psycholinguistic studies. They have found that there are several factors causing the delay in speaking ability such as hearing impediment, developmental obstacles in oral-motor brain mastering, heredity problems, learning problems and communication with parents, and media factors in this case television. To overcome this problem, it is important for parents to be actively involved in making the environment a place for children to learn to practice language.

Saputra states that schools rarely use the internet as a learning tool especially for journalism. In fact, internet media is the medium of most high school students who are familiar with the use of the internet in everyday life. Saputra mentions that the news writing website is effective media that help the students to improve their writing skill and critical thinking skills. In addition, the webpage can also be used as a learning resource or learning reference in writing news.

Finally, Hendarto concludes the issue with an analysis on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speeches to investigate the social power relations in them. Applying the socio cognitive approach, Hendarto discovers several types of social power in the speeches.

Published: 2020-01-24