Citradirga - Jurnal Desain Komunikasi Visual dan Intermedia <p>Jurnal Citradirga adalah jurnal ilmiah yang diterbitkan oleh Program Studi Desain Komunikasi Visual Universitas Ma Chung. Citradirga mempublikasikan artikel luaran penelitian, gagasan konseptual, dan review kepustakaan dalam cakupan rumpun ilmu seni, desain, dan media, pada 1) Sub Rumpun Ilmu Kesenian, dalam Bidang Ilmu Seni Intermedia (688), 2) Sub Rumpun Ilmu Media, dalam Bidang Ilmu : a) Fotografi (701); dan b) Televisi/Videografi/Sinematografi (702); serta 3) Sub Rumpun Ilmu Desain, dalam Bidang Ilmu Desain Komunikasi Visual (708). Artikel luaran penelitian dapat berupa ringkasan hasil penelitian dasar (kajian, kritik, tinjauan, atau evaluasi), penelitian terapan (perancangan atau penciptaan), dan peneltian pengembangan (<em>research &amp; development</em>), baik yang bersifat monodisipliner maupun interdisipliner.</p> Program Studi Desain Komunikasi Visual, Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi, Universitas Ma Chung en-US Citradirga - Jurnal Desain Komunikasi Visual dan Intermedia 2656-9973 Perancangan Pop-Up Book sebagai Media Pengenalan Pengendalian Diri untuk Anak Usia 5-6 Tahun <p><em>Indonesia, known for its friendly nature, is experiencing symptoms of moral degradation, even among elementary school children. This is also due to various factors such as exposure to harmful content and lack of early character education. The concept of self-control, as the foundation for other character education, should be taught to children so they can differentiate what should and shouldn't be done. The purpose of this design is to introduce self-control to children through an informal learning medium: a pop-up storybook titled "Even Heroes Need Self-Control". To achieve this goal, the designer collected qualitative data through observation, interviews, and literature studies, which served as a reference for the design process using the Research and Development method. The final product is a 14-page hardcover book, with merchandise such as secondary packaging, interactive magnetic poster, bucket hat, sanitizer, water bottle, and enamel pin. The success indicator for this design is an introduction of self-control, demonstrated by the ability to mention examples of self-control that can be practiced in daily life.</em></p> Agnes Tea Kirana Hariyanto Aditya Nirwana Ayyub Anshari Sukmaraga ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-10-23 2023-10-23 5 02 1 20 10.33479/cd.v5i02.810 Perancangan Desain Kemasan Sebagai Media Peningkatan Brand Awareness Janus Coffee & Roastery <p><em>Janus Coffee &amp; Roastery is a coffee roastery located in Batu City Square and has been established since 2018. The background for this research is that Janus has not focused too much on designing packaging designs, on the other hand, packaging design has strong potential in efforts to increase product brand awareness. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to design packaging design for Janus Coffee &amp; Roastery in an effort to increase brand awareness. This design uses a qualitative and descriptive approach. Data collection techniques through observation, interviews, and literature study were analyzed using the SWOT and USP methods. The results of this creative design are packaging illustrations, brand colors, brand patterns, and typography. The end result of packaging design is applied to media such as coffee bags, drip bags, drip bag boxes, shopping bags, plastic bags, and coffee cups which are adjusted in terms of safety, ergonomics (comfort), and experience (experience).</em></p> Aditya Dwi Putra Bhakti Fandy Pratama Sungkono ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-10-23 2023-10-23 5 02 21 34 10.33479/cd.v5i02.725 Perancangan Brand Identity UMKM Cerys Bites di Kota Malang dengan Metode Moser untuk Membangun Brand Awareness <p><em>Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise play an important role in the Indonesian economy due its ability to evenly absorb the workforce, especially in the food and beverage sector, particularly in the snack industry like cookies, wafer, and biscuits. This development also evident in Malang City, which is home to numerous cookies brand and one of which is Cerys Bites. Despite its potential, Cerys Bites still lacks awareness compared to its competitors. To address this, a brand identity for Cerys Bites was designed to increase public awareness. The brand identity was developed using the Moser brand model and qualitative research method. Based on the analysis and synthesis of concepts, Cerys Bites was found to possess a core brand value, message, and personality that formed the visual concepts in its brand identity design. The results showed an increase in Cerys’s Bites Instagram account, as evidenced by higher activities such as like, comments, shares, and saves. The effectiveness test revealed a rise in Instagram engagement for Cerys Bites, demonstrating that a well-designed and consistent brand identity can successfully build public awareness.</em></p> Elsa Febritha Santoso Aditya Nirwana Bintang Pramudya Putra Prasetya ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-10-23 2023-10-23 5 02 35 53 10.33479/cd.v5i02.811 Pengembangan WEB Comic Fantasi Cerita Sura dan Baya untuk Mengurangi Tindakan Rasisme Remaja Kota Surabaya <p><em>One negative impact in teenage friendship is the appearance of racial motive bullying. As we know, Indonesia is a country with thousands of cultures. Likewise in Surabaya, it was recorded several times that this activity happened in the middle of the beautiful teenage friendship. Therefore, a developed product formed as a fantasy web comic which is published in an online publisher and not be printed entitled "Kweira and the Story of the Legend Sura and Baya" aims to analyzing, developing, and communicating anti-racism insights to Surabayan teenagers so that such actions can be reduced in quantity and potential. This research use ADDIE development model which includes stages: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. In addition validation tests by media experts and material experts done also to assess the feasibility of the product. So the result is found that fantasy web comic is usable as anti-racism counseling media for Surabayan teenagers.</em></p> Yusuf Nasrullah Sumarwahyudi Sumarwahyudi Abdul Rahman Prasetyo ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-10-23 2023-10-23 5 02 54 74 10.33479/cd.v5i02.834 Perancangan Aset Visual 3D Virtual Reality (VR) Gedung Universitas Ma Chung Sebagai Media Pengenalan Mahasiswa Baru <p><em>The rapid advancement of digital technology has brought significant benefits in addressing various human needs. Amidst this technological progress, Virtual Reality (VR) stands out as one of the most remarkable achievements in the world of technology. In recent years, VR has undergone rapid development, enabling users to experience deeper and more immersive interactions. This extends beyond the realms of entertainment and gaming, as VR has found widespread applications in education, training, art, and even the medical field. Universitas Ma Chung, a private university located in Malang Regency, is committed to delivering high-quality education and preparing graduates for national and international competitiveness. The university encompasses a range of facilities, including five main buildings: the Rectorate building, Bakti Persada, Student Center, Balai Pertiwi, and RnD. However, new students often possess limited information regarding these facilities, emphasizing the need for an effective and engaging medium for introducing these resources as part of academic service enhancement. The research methodology employed in this design utilizes a qualitative approach. The primary objective of this design is to create 3D visual assets to be utilized within the VR environment, serving as a tool for introducing new </em><em>students. The outcome of this endeavor results in the development of 3D visual assets for the Rectorate building, Bakti Persada, Student Center, Balai Pertiwi, and RnD. The next researchers can leverage the aforementioned VR to create a more interactive and immersive orientation experience for new students. By utilizing the designed 3D visual assets, new students can virtually explore the university facilities before arriving on campus.</em></p> Sultan Arif Rahmadianto Bintang Pramudya Putra Prasetya Wilson Soen ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-10-24 2023-10-24 5 02 75 85 10.33479/cd.v5i02.852 Perancangan Identitas Brand Parfum Freia Untuk Membangun Rekognisi Brand Dengan Metode Design Thinking Pada Target Audiens Umur 18-35 Tahun Di Shopee <p><em>Sales of cosmetics coupled with the popularity of online stalls have created new trends in beauty products. This trend was capitalized on by Freia to start his new business. But with so many kinds of perfume brands and their subjectivity, a consistent visual identity and communication is needed that can communicate Freia's unique values and concepts. From that Freia can be distinguished from other brands. That is the medium chosen for Freia to build brand recognition so that it can be recognized and differentiated from competitors. The method used is Design Thinking from the book Design Thinking Playbook by Michael Lewrick, Patrick Link and Larry Leifer. Methods of data collection using qualitative methods according to Patricia Leavy. With this method, holistic research and collaborative flow design can be carried out to attract varied and subjective perfume designs. In research, from the results of the analysis, a new Freia brand identity will be generated which is contained in a Graphic Standard Manual consisting of brand concepts, brand values, logos, slogans, color palettes, typography, graphic assets and their implementation designs on packaging, signs, stationery, media social, exhibition, vehicle and uniform. After testing the responses from the sources, Freia's brand identity can be communicated and Freia is not associated with other brands.</em></p> Pantaleon Setyoraharjo Aditya Nirwana Bintang Pramudya Putra Prasetya ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-11-06 2023-11-06 5 02 86 106 10.33479/cd.v5i02.813