Citradirga - Jurnal Desain Komunikasi Visual dan Intermedia <p>Jurnal Citradirga adalah jurnal ilmiah yang diterbitkan oleh Program Studi Desain Komunikasi Visual Universitas Ma Chung. Citradirga mempublikasikan artikel luaran penelitian, gagasan konseptual, dan review kepustakaan dalam cakupan rumpun ilmu seni, desain, dan media, pada 1) Sub Rumpun Ilmu Kesenian, dalam Bidang Ilmu Seni Intermedia (688), 2) Sub Rumpun Ilmu Media, dalam Bidang Ilmu : a) Fotografi (701); dan b) Televisi/Videografi/Sinematografi (702); serta 3) Sub Rumpun Ilmu Desain, dalam Bidang Ilmu Desain Komunikasi Visual (708). Artikel luaran penelitian dapat berupa ringkasan hasil penelitian dasar (kajian, kritik, tinjauan, atau evaluasi), penelitian terapan (perancangan atau penciptaan), dan peneltian pengembangan (<em>research &amp; development</em>), baik yang bersifat monodisipliner maupun interdisipliner.</p> Program Studi Desain Komunikasi Visual, Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi, Universitas Ma Chung en-US Citradirga - Jurnal Desain Komunikasi Visual dan Intermedia 2656-9973 Kritik Unsur Kearifan Lokal pada Label Kemasan Kopi Van Dillem Trenggalek <p><em>The visual meaning of Van Dillem’s coffee packaging labels is examined in this researh. This coffee is a product from Trenggalek. This product’s packaging label was examined to determine how the visual meaning and whether it correlates with the Trenggalek's local wisdom. Literature analysis and observation are the data collection methods used in this research. The four stages of Feldman’s theory of art criticism—description, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation—are used in this research. Van Dillem coffee carries the name of the region to be exposed to the larger population as a representative product of Trenggalek. Local product packaging labels’ graphic components might reflect regional traits to draw attention to the region of production. The findings indicate that colonialism is visually represented on the coffee product packaging label. The history of coffee product manufacturing in Trenggalek is connected to this aspect of colonialism.</em></p> Renzy Ayu Rohmatillah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-21 2023-01-21 4 02 1 9 10.33479/cd.v4i02.666 Analisis Visual Cover Majalah Bobo Tahun 2015 <p><em>Bobo Magazine is a special magazine for legendary children in Indonesia. The cover of Bobo Magazine has a strong appeal and character so that it is easily recognized by readers. This study aims to find out in more detail about visual design standards including illustrations, colors, typography, and cover layouts for the 2015 Special Edition of Bobo Magazine. This study uses a descriptive qualitative method. The results showed that on the cover of the 2015 special edition of Bobo magazine, digital illustrations were used with the character of a rabbit personified as a human form. The typography used is Fantasy and San Serif fonts. The colors presented are classified as full color, striking, bright and not gloomy. The layout is positioned asymmetrically but still applies the principles of unity, balance, rhythm, and emphasis. The conclusion of this study is that Bobo has a characteristic in the form of an illustration of a rabbit personified as a human named Bobo who is the main character in each edition. In addition, other characteristics include the shape of the logo/nameplate, the same font in each edition except for the headline. The slogan "Friends to Play and Learn" is also a characteristic found in Bobo Magazine. The colors used are also in accordance with the age of the children who like colorful, striking and bright colors.</em></p> Abdul Rahman Prasetyo Nila Rahmawati Ayu Pramudya Kusumanada ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-21 2023-01-21 4 02 10 22 10.33479/cd.v4i02.592 Perancangan Buku Fotografi Esai "Hygge" untuk Menarik Minat Wisatawan dan Masyarakat di Kota Malang <p><em>Theemergence of various kinds of cafes in Malang City has created a new lifestyle, namely&nbsp;</em><em>gathering with friends, especially for the younger generation. This lifestyle makes cafes </em><em>continue to appear in Malang City with concepts that are liked by this generation, one of which </em><em>is the cozy concept. But this makes the cafés that keep popping up pay less attention to quality </em><em>in terms of atmosphere and menu because they focus too much on the cozy interior that the </em><em>younger generation likes. Therefore, information media is needed that can attract tourists and </em><em>the public in choosing and visiting cafes not only based on trends, through making designs </em><em>that aim to get concept visualizations through the media of essay photography books that </em><em>contain information about 8 cafes with cozy concepts in Malang City. The design method&nbsp;</em><em>used is the creative communication design method and is combined with qualitative data </em><em>collection methods. This essay photography book uses interior and food photo styles, with a </em><em>book size of 22.4 x 17 cm with a total of 248 pages, full color, and bound using doff laminated </em><em>hardcover. The conclusion of this design is to get a visualization of the concept of an essay </em><em>photography book to provide information about cozy cafes through photo visualization along </em><em>with narratives through book media and supporting media such as bookmarks, tote bags, photo </em><em>sheets, stickers, tumblers, acrylic straws, diffusers, and marketing media through social media </em><em>Instagram. </em></p> Tiffany Yosephine Didit Prasetyo Nugroho ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-22 2023-01-22 4 02 23 34 10.33479/cd.v4i02.615 Perancangan Motion Graphic Bangga Kecantikan Lokal (Indonesia) Kepada Remaja Putri Usia 18-22 Tahun di Indonesia <p><em>Beauty is one of important factors that affects the life of every woman. In Indonesia, more than 90% of Indonesian women say that beauty has a big effect on their lives, such as social life, work, popularity, and also the chance to attract others. Beauty standards are always changing every decades to fit the new public taste of the majority, and beauty standards in Indonesia isn’t an exception. Therefore, a motion graphic video design was made to educate the public, especially women in Indonesia, to understand deeply about beauty standards and always participate in maintaining Indonesian beauty.</em></p> Prastiti Setya Adiningsih Bintang Pramudya Putra Prasetia ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-22 2023-01-22 4 02 35 53 10.33479/cd.v4i02.614 Perancangan Buku GSM Konten Kreatif Instagram Nagoya Barbershop Sebagai Media Persuasi Target Pasar Usia 19-24 Tahun di Kota Malang <p><em>The rapid development of social media is widely used in marketing media on Instagram. This media is considered more effective because it is always seen by everyone and the dissemination of information is faster at a lower price. This media was chosen by Nagoya Barbershop to develop its business amidst competitors' competition. The method used in this study is Siyoto's qualitative 2015 which can search for more in-depth data. In this study, the analyzed data resulted in 9 types of barbershop content consisting of haircuts, vibes, steal hairstyles, tips, barbershop services, promos, qna, products, and holiday greetings which are complete with Instagram Stories and Reels which are regulated in the GSM book. This book sets a template that will be applied to 9 contents and is mandatory. In addition, there are other media that can support marketing media such as hair capes, outer kimonos, and vouchers.</em></p> A'ang Sally Monica Bintang Pramudya Putra Prasetia ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-22 2023-01-22 4 02 54 71 10.33479/cd.v4i02.613 Video Feature Perpaduan Budaya Candi Cetho sebagai Media Informasi <p>Indonesia has an abundance of cultural diversity and historical heritage, one of which is cetho temple. This temple has an architecture similiar to the mayan buildings in mexico. The statues in this temple are not similar to the Javanese but are more similiar to the Sumerians. The andesite material used in Cetho Temple is different from the Hindu temple is different from the Hindu temples in the Majapahit kingdom which at that time were built using red bricks. The solution offered in this research is the creation of a feature video as a medium of information about the facts of syncretism found in the cetho temple. Cetho temple was built in<br>the period after the Hindu-Buddhist influence until the end of the adherents’ period. So that the architecture of the Cetho temple is still mixed with Hindu-Buddhist culture and also the local culture of the surrounding community. The selected sources are also in accordance with this research. Based on the questionnaire, the results of this study indicate that the public is able to understand the information from this feature video. This feature video has been well received by the public.</p> Nicholaus Wayong Kabelen Fadila Fitra Mauludiah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-22 2023-01-22 4 02 72 81 10.33479/cd.v4i02.591